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Real estate agents are licensed professionals who manage a real estate business and are hired by homeowners or prospective homeowners to assist in the process of selling or buying a property.  But even more than that they are counselors and trusted advisors. So, what makes a great agent should also make a great human being, right?  Would you want to do business with an agent who had tons of professional experience but no personal integrity?  The answer seems obvious but, just like when you’re looking for advice from a counselor, a business advisor, or friend, it’s important to think about not only dollars and cents, but what matters to you.  If you’ve navigated your way to this page you’ve probably already asked yourself these questions. You might even be asking, “Can I relate to and work with this guy?”  If that’s the case, then great!  You’re in the right place.

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There are new properties on the market every day and I am always looking to assist you with finding the ideal property for you! Visit the Featured Homes page to see the latest listings on the website. I have also created a Buyers Guide to help you in the process of buying your new home, you can download that here.

It’s my role to help you…

  • Market Expertise
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Legal Knowledge
  • Pricing Factors
  • Location Factors
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Client Testimonials

I worked with Chad from 1992-1996! He is the most caring of all sales persons I have ever known! What I like most about Chad and what I learned from him is his non-stop follow up method w customers! Many people did not bother doing this but Chad always did! He continued to get repeat referrals and his customers kept buying from him! He was one heck of a guy and he would be the first I would turn too if I was the market to buy a home!

Michael Murray

Chad you are one of the most honest and reliable people I’ve ever worked. In a world where everybody is quick to go negative, you are always positive and upbeat. Your professionalism is top shelf. Thanks for everything.

Chad,you have been a ray of light in a dark world. Amen.

Dana B

So just reading your Facebook post gives me the positive side of you…but sitting down with you and being honest about yourself, children, relationships let me see this…Why Chad a good person… Chad is an extremely positive person who is honest, non judgemental and a great listener. He is someone that wants the best for people and is supportive.

Melissa G Allen

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