Real estate agents are licensed professionals who manage a real estate business and are hired by homeowners or prospective homeowners to assist in the process of selling or buying a property.  But even more than that they are counselors and trusted advisors. So, what makes a great agent should also make a great human being, right?  Would you want to do business with an agent who had tons of professional experience but no personal integrity?  The answer seems obvious but, just like when you’re looking for advice from a counselor, a business advisor, or friend, it’s important to think about not only dollars and cents, but what matters to you.  If you’ve navigated your way to this page you’ve probably already asked yourself these questions. You might even be asking, “Can I relate to and work with this guy?”  If that’s the case, then great!  You’re in the right place.

Let’s start with who I am. I’m a long-time successful business owner with highly developed personal communication and listening skills. This allows me to be incredibly responsive to my client’s needs. I’m confident, organized, personable, and highly skilled at negotiations which allows me to be proactive in helping you find the right solutions and the right home. But even more importantly I’m a father and a son and a human being.  Because of my own falling-down, face-first, mud-in-the-mouth life experiences, I understand that everyone, including me, has strengths and limitations. I also know what it’s like to feel love and joy and compassion and to be one of the family. These are the one-on-one, human experiences that allow me to relate to people, including you, on every level.  I know that if I understand what drives you and motivates you, I can guide you through the home buying and selling process much more comfortably.

On a more practical level, my years of experience in the business world have made me an expert in managing transactional details. In the world of real estate it’s the details that drive a transaction to success. So, what sets me apart is my focus on adding value to my customers’ lives by bringing a detail-oriented and competent approach to the relationship, along with the wisdom, insight, and life experiences that enable me to be helpful and make a difference.  I understand that you have a choice. There are literally thousands of agents out there who would be glad to stick a sign in the yard and call themselves your agent, but in my business model, I try to be different. My personal and business reputation is built on providing a great experience, regardless of what I’m doing for you. So, whatever your real estate needs may be, I’ll always work hard to meet those needs with expertise and integrity.

If you’ve read this far you’ve probably already formed an opinion about who I am but now you may be thinking, “What can this guy do for me?  What will I get if I decide to hire him as my real estate agent?”

The answers to those questions are here.

  1. I offer a strong personal commitment to ethical principles, so in every situation you’ll get honesty, integrity and hard work on your behalf.
  2. I offer frequent and up-front communication that makes me your trusted and valued home resource. I’ll work hard every day to honor that trust. You’ll always know that, “I’ve got your back.”
  3. I offer my knowledge that there is more to life, and business, than profits alone. Most folks agree that financial considerations, although extremely important, are not all there is to a real estate transaction. So, while real estate is my livelihood and I do work to earn a living, you’ll get my promise that you and your needs are equally as important.

The bottom line is this. I love helping people achieve their goals. I love playing a part in helping people find a first home, upsize to make room for a growing family, or downsize after the nest is empty. And as your community market leader I will always go the extra mile. My goal is to shine a light on the things that are important to you, to make your world a brighter place, and to help you have a remarkable experience when buying or selling your home.  I hope to meet you and work with you soon! Thank you!